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So a couple of months ago I asked someone what their dream pokemon team would be and they answered, so now I made one!

1) Gardevoir. Gardevoir has been my favorite pokemon since I first got one in Sapphire. Especially now that it is a psychic/fairy type AND it has a mega evolution, I definitely need one on my dream team.

2) Leafeon. These guys are so cute, and grass pokemon are really cool, and I would definitely play with this guy all the time.

3) Zoroark. Definitely one of the coolest pokemon out there. I love how it can pretend to be a different pokemon until it’s found out. Even when it is found out, it’s still really tough and I would have to have one on my team.

4) Delphox. Delphox is my new favorite starter pokemon/evolution! I think it would be so cool to have a fire/psychic combo, especially since I get so cold so easily. And plus it’s a fox so I’m assuming they are cuddly.

5) Milotic. I have always used a Milotic in games as my water pokemon. They are so beautiful and tough. I would also get to swim with her and that would be really fun.

6) Salamence. Have you figured out the 3rd generation has most of my favorites yet? Salamence is my favorite dragon type, and I’ve loved them ever since I found out about them. It would be so cool to have such a tough pokemon that I could fly around on instead of driving. I feel like it would be really nice to it’s trainer too so it could keep me warm also.


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